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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 24, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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getting very few answers. >> tucker: why they are so concerned is what concerns me. thank you for that story, trace gallagher. fascinating. featuring art interview with her. that is online. we highly recommend it. we are at a time. but the great sean hannity takes over next. >> sean: you need me to stay and fear over the mystery of the monkeys. appreciate it. it is a fascinating story. why did they kill them? tucker, thank you. and welcome to "hannity" tonight it's a bite and white house implodes, for joe biden. he is lashing out. he called our own peter doocy a "stupid son of a bitch." he once -- he if he disrespected others. of course the rules, they don't apply to joe. in the comments about peter doocy are especially
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ridiculous given that biden own week into mental abilities -- in a moment we will play the tape. and peter doocy will respond. also, we are just learning at this second but biden apparently called peter doocy just a short time ago and we will find out how that went. but first night, major cities all around the country, they are now reeling from a another weekend of violence. a criminal targeting two nypd officers, killing one, critically injuring another. alverson jason rivera it was only 22 years old. officer wilbert mora was only 27 years old. he is fighting for his life tonight. and according to reports, the deranged killer "kept firing at the wounded cops even as they lay helplessly on the floor." the complete execution. sadly as we speak, cops all across the country are being targeted at an alarming rate according to the fbi.
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intentional police killings have now reached a 20 year high. 346 officers were shot in the line of duty in 2021 alone. another multi-year high. meanwhile, ambush style attacks against cops, that was of a whopping 150% over the previous year and it is not just new york. on sunday morning in washington, d.c., an officer was rushed to the hospital after getting shot. on the same day in houston, texas, corporal charles galloway was murdered during a "routine traffic stop." there is no such thing. in city after city, violent crime is spiraling out of control. carjackings up by a whopping 510%. downtown shootings in chicago, wow, you think it can't get higher, they are already about whopping 220%. california recorded the most in -- at least why is it happening? if you listen to the democrats,
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and propagandist jen psaki, guns are just magically floating through the air by themselves. the guns are the problem. are the guns carjacking the cars? they are terrorizing their communities all across the country. the reality is this. defund, dismantle, no bail is all responsible for this major wave of violence. in city after city, police budgets have been slashed. including $1 billion into the new york police department. to make matters worse, you have far left prosecutors stopping to prosecute crimes in the name of privacy and in equity. some jurisdictions even eliminating bill for many crimes and turning tales into revolving doors and our streets into a vi. terrified by these radical days, joe biden is doing nothing to reduce crime. in many states you can steal. as long as you don't steal up to $1,000.
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$950, you are only going to get a ticket. during the 2020 summer violence, joe biden all but ignored all of the carnage. dozens of americans died, thousands of cops injured, billions in property damage. arson, looting. kamala harris promoted the bill fun to get violent criminals out of jail. she praised the l.a.p.d. police cuts. protecting the peaceful, law-abiding americans. why don't we protect them? this administration is providing cover for criminals while supporting groups like the group black lives matter. recently they complained that murdered police officers are treated like heroes in tearjerker press conferences. the group black lives matter apparently prefers, oh, that is right, when we -- or so they say today when pressed by her own peter doocy, a rare moment of truth. peter had a battle with jen psaki who admitted that an underfunding of police departments has led to a surge
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in crime. take a look. >> would you agree that the most important job for any president in two keep americans safe? >> i would agree. >> does he know that after a year in office, people do not feel safe in this country? >> peter, i think if you look at the facts here, we have seen a surge of crime over the last two years. would you agree with that? >> so what are you attributing the rise in crime to? >> we should be responsible how and reporting to the public what the roles are, with the reasons for the surgeon crime. gun violence is a huge reason for the surgeon crime. underfunding of police departments and their need for additional resources, something the president advocated for consistently through the course of his career. that is something we know we need to take action on. >> sean: jen, just like -- in 2021 over joe biden, the same thing with violent crime. we just gave you the numbers on
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2021 in case you weren't paying attention. he was joe biden that said oh, yeah, i would be allocated away from the police. it was kamala harris that said oh, yeah, praise the l.a.p.d. for cutting their budget. biden took a slightly different tone today. didn't want to answer any questions and he called our own peter doocy a stupid son of a bitch. really. take a look. >> what a stupid son of a bitch. >> sean: stupid son of a bitch. mr. unity strikes again. in all seriousness, he could and should be casting stones from an extremely fragile glass house. it was the reaction, peter doocy who has an update on the story. what was your reaction? words don't matter to me.
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i remember during the trump years everybody would feign the vapors. the president said this. i think i know you pretty well. you are a pretty tough guy. what was your reaction initially when he heard what happened? >> my reaction was delayed because as you can see in that clip, the biden staff were ushering us out. they were telling us thank you, time to go. and you can see right there people are starting to move towards the door, myself included. it wasn't until we went to the basement and then outside and then back to the press room that somebody said hey, did you hear with the president said about you? i said no, what did he say? he called you a stupid sob. and i said i did not hear that and i opened up my phone -- and it was delayed. but sean, we had some news tonight. after years of clips of the president and i kind of mixing it up on the campaign trail and
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during the transition here at the white house, within about an hour of that exchange, he called my cell phone and he just said it is nothing personal, pal. and we went back and forth and we were talking about just kind of moving forward and i made sure to tell him that i'm always going to try to ask something different than what everybody else is asking. and he said, you've got to. and that is the quote from the president, so i will keep doing it. >> sean: i want to be no no mike you're a negotiator here and i would like to negotiated a 20 minute sitdown with u.n. biden one on one. i think that would be -- i am a christian. i believe in forgiveness. did he apologize? >> he clear the air. and i appreciate it. we had a nice call. to be one that is not an answer. did he apologize? that doesn't sound like an apology. >> he said it is nothing personal, pal.
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and i told him i appreciated him reaching out. hey, sean, the world is on the brink of like world war iii right now. with all the stuff going on. i appreciate that the president took a couple minutes out as evening he was still there to give me a call and clear the air. but i don't need anybody to apologize to me. he can call me whatever he wants as long as it gets him talking. and today he played some of the bits with jen psaki and i peered i went in there with two pages of questions about crime. actually still have them right here. they have been holed up in my pocket. two pages of crime questions i didn't get in at the press conference lost a week. the two hour press conference. so i'm in there and looking, if he takes questions, what is it going to be? but he said i'm not going to take questions about anything off-topic. the topic is inflation. over here. and then it took like 5 minutes, but i later heard what he said.
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>> sean: i think the president should apologize by giving you 20 minutes, unwrapped it, one-on-one interview. in first, jen psaki. she owes you 20 minutes too. >> they keep calling on us at the briefing. as the president said, nothing personal, towel. i think that is enough. so we can move on. we can move forward. there will be years -- three to seven years of opportunities to ask him about different stuff different stuff. >> sean: we are proud of the good work you are doing. keep it up. i think it is a badge of honor myself. so if i'm your dad, i'm very proud of you tonight. great job, peter. last week, we played this rnc add that went after joseph disaster's press conference. we will remind you. >> the idea that -- the, uhm, --
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the nature not -- when the political coverage that -- look, uhm. some of the political players and some of the -- let me ask a rhetorical question. no -- anyway. >> sean: i'm just going to stop it right there. anyway, cognitive decline, flashes of anger. here's a question and it is a serious one. is joe biden mentally fit to be the president of the united states?
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here is the cohost of "the five," although geraldo rivera. geraldo, i'm going to give you first crack at this because i think he is going to go after you which i am looking forward to. is he mentally fit? this is now a serious question. and you saw what he said. peter, you son of a bitch. he is the nicest kid i've ever met. >> i called one of our guests tonight a son of a bitch and he is a friend of mine. [laughter] >> i remember that. >> and it can be very frustrating when you are the president of the united states, the leader of the free world and you have this young reporter who keeps knocking you off your game. he has a stutter. he is not the -- person. i don't know that and i don't
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think that adds up to cognitive -- i think people are being very cool about this. >> sean: i have played tapes of joe in 2008. 2016 and today. do you not see a dramatic decline? >> i think that people get a little slower in terms of their presentation as they get older. that doesn't necessarily mean that their iq has diminished or that they have some early onset alzheimer's. i believe that he showed in that to our press conference -- >> sean: is he mentally fit to be president? >> i think he is mentally fit unless you can prove to me with psychiatrist, psychologist and experts. >> sean: dan. >> it's kind of insulting to ask the president of united states to do that, particularly --
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>> no, i could not disagree with geraldo in any stronger possible terms. the guy is 100% not cognitively competent to be president. you know when you can see it, sean? here is where i see it most. and geraldo, i don't know why you're covering for this guy. it's transparent. you are not a dumb guy. you are a lawyer. if that guy was in the courtroom, he would be like your honor, so we don't get a mistrial here, maybe we should get new counsel on the other side. he is clearly not cognitively competent. but sean, notice on the retrieval thing. the brain processes and then there is a retrieval process. he may not have such a problem storing information and processing it, but you noticed he has this birch revolt process problem where he will lose himself in the middle of a sentence and he has a general idea of what he is talking about but he can't pull the specifics
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out. here's a perfect example. how his defense secretary, he can never seem to remember his name. this is arguably his most important cabinet official and he is always like this guy next to me. and then his is our he processed it. he knows who the guy is but he can't retrieve it. is it alzheimer's? i don't think so. is it some form of early onset frontal lobe dementia, i mean, it is possible but it is clear as day and day anyone looking at this. come on, geraldo. >> i call everybody hey, man. how are you doing, man. that is what i do. >> wait, time out. let me throw this at you. go look back to the paul ryan-joe biden debate from years ago and to look joe biden.
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that is not the same guy, man. i watch that. believe me. i couldn't believe it. i thought paul ryan was going to eat his lunch and even though he lied his way through the debate i was like okay, he is not too bad at this pair this is in the same guy. come on. >> sean: geraldo, last words. >> it is easier to trip someone up when they get older. it is absolutely true. but i think that to say that he does not have a grasp of world issues -- he is making mistakes, but the mistakes are policy mistakes that whether you are 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80 that you can make. doubt his judgment and political ideology -- >> sean: for 15 seconds at a time. he can stay focused on the issue. >> sean, not knowing your defense secretary's name, really, this is -- you're like
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hey, that guy. >> sean: tomorrow night, i am going to bring you if you both can come both back and we are going to do biden over the years and will ask you the same question tomorrow. okay? you in? i'll put a montage together. geraldo, get used to the words to check and made to appear they are coming to him mara another day, another new low for joe biden's poles. it's not just republicans and independents were unhappy with joe. a lot of democrats are. the media mob are starting to turn on their deleter they have now protected for two for years. take a look. >> the poll suggest mr. biden does need a reset because he has lost his identity a bed. he is no longer seen as competent and effective and no longer seen as a good commander in chief were most damaging easy-going and likable. >> i think president biden is done something quite unusual here. taking a hard look at the
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problems facing the american people. he is forcing legislation to try to respect it and i respect that but we have our strong differences paired >> a new nbc poll shows an overwhelming majority of americans believe te country is headed in the wrong direction. >> who feels like we are in a better place now than we were a year ago? a show of hands. no one believes we are in a better spot now? >> sean: if they question your competency, it is bad. here, clearly the presidency is imploding on every front given his obvious cognitive decline i doubt the administration will ever recover. here more with the now leo 2.0 terrell and ari fleischer. ari, in a different way, i will ask you, when you put the polls together, the media now for the first time are critical. they have never been critical to this point. that can't be good for him
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having a 33% approval rating and some polls isn't good either. >> what you're hearing now is the sound of the water going down the drain. republicans never supported joe biden. he is too polarizing, too liberal. independents give him a chance and then he spurned independents. now he is even losing parts of his base. his biggest problem is that he cast his lot with bernie sanders instead of joe manchin. if you'd come into the office with a 50/50 son and a narrowly controlled pass and said i'm going to govern as a moderate ad their era of a government remains over, he would've been n a very different possession of's president. but instead he ran alongside bernie sanders, far progressive, spend it all, socialist left and you were seeing the results now for president whose age is showing, whose policy problems are showing, and whose judgment is bad. the only solution, and i'm saying this sincerely is you
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have to adopt trump's economic policies, energy polities, covid policies. he needs to warp speed antivirals, monoclonal's. even tests that he ran out of which is mind-blowing to me. and he has to get a tougher posture with this before now with 8500's troops on standby for go after their economy and that is oil. that is 50% of their economy and he cannot do that. >> and he won't do it. because he has already thrown manchin and kyrsten sinema off the bus. he made his deal with the doubles with bernie sanders, the aoc. the socialist. while our he said absolutely correct. he is losing the heart and soul of the democratic party. hispanics and blacks are questioning him. his numbers with hispanics are down. hispanics are more leaning toward republicans. blacks are down in numbers. it is the base of the democratic party. the democratic party has already used joe biden.
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he is useless to them now so they are looking for someone else. now they are going to cast them aside. joe biden right now is a no man's land. nobody wants joe biden right now. >> sean: already, you are brought in. already, how do we turn the ship around? they are not going to listen to you but if they ever did, what would you say? >> you turn it around and any hope for an economic recovery. but the way you turn it around on it is you start to govern. and like i said, get joe manchin's vote. you govern in a way they can get joe manchin to vote for your policies and if you do, you will probably pick up ten or 15 republicans. you will lose ten or 15 -- that he needs to make. he cannot won off of a progressive base. he artie showed he can't pass on his progressive policies. he has misread the mood of the
6:22 pm
country, sean. >> sean: last word, leo. >> if you want to get "law & order" back on his side coming go after democratic mayors, go after lightfoot, go after democratic prosecutors attack democrats who are soft on crime. if he does that, he has a chance. >> sean: straight ahead vladimir putin capitalizing on biden's weaknesses in the world tonight is on edge. we will have a full report. ben may packers quarterback aaron rodgers, he is blasting biden -- ♪ ♪ it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. free your gut, and your mood will follow.
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>> sean: we are learning tonight that the pentagon has heightened the readiness of nearly 8,500 u.s. troops amid growing tensions between ukraine and russia. and amid joe biden's weakness and foreign policy confusion, let's be honest. 8500 troops on a higher state of alert and readiness is embarrassing and is humiliating. the russians have anywhere between 100 to 200,000 troops on the border. they have tanks. they have military equipment. in joe biden is not going to war with russia or vladimir putin. frankly, nor should he. so let's stop the make pretend oh, we have a state of readiness for 8,500 troops. tough guy talk. because putin is laughing. president joey wants to hurt vladimir, i have the answer. he is a hostile actor. this is a halt over jean. it must be taken seriously. you want to take -- the best
6:28 pm
way, take back the pipeline waiver you gave him, number one, and in this country, open up completely all natural gas and oil and coal production to our maximum capacity and then you can help bankrupt russia when we go back to being energy independent and we can go back to being a net exporter of energy instead of making him and russia rich again. now, press propaganda circle back jen psaki said americans in ukraine should leave now and reiterated that no evacuation effort is plan should russia invade. okay. are we going to strand an american our fellow americans again? gets a night, it is they 163 when joe abandon our fellow americans in afghanistan. >> americans held hostage. abandon behind enemy lines. they 163. >> sean: if you are somebody you know is in ukraine, somebody loved and cared about, tell them to get out of there.
6:29 pm
those troops are not amassing on the border for no reason. not only did biden today ignore questions about before or after returning from another we can from the white house but remember back in 2019 when joe tried climbing putin did not want him to be president because putin was scared of joe. okay. take a look. >> because putin knows that if i'm president of the united states, is days of trying to intimidate the united states and those in eastern europe are over. i will stand up to him. he is a bully, just like the president, and i know he doesn't want me to be president, but when i'm president, things are going to change. one of the reasons i am running because of my age and my experience. with it, comes wisdom. we need someone to take office this time around who on day one can stand on the world stage on my command respect of world leaders from putin to our allies, and know exactly what has to be done to get this country back on track.
6:30 pm
>> sean: perhaps joe forgot and his cognitive states that it was under obama and biden that putin took crimea and under this imploding presidency, putin is at it again. here are the reaction, former cia -- nobody on the face of this earth that i think no thins more about putin. and i can even tell the story he won't tell me. but with outside, in all seriousness, i don't think putin is amassing these troops, these tanks, this military equipment or no reason. do you? >> no, i don't. and i think united states has a moral and ethical imperative to draw down our embassy and warned americans to leave if there is impending war. but with the government of ukraine sees is a certain inconsistency they are. of war is eminent in ukraine really is under siege, like we see that it is, we need to be
6:31 pm
doing more. you are right. vladimir putin has over 100,000 troops amassed on the border of ukraine. he is not leaving. we don't have the leverage to induce him to leave, and ukraine once more from us. and the fact that we are not able to do enough is risking, really driving a wedge between not just the united states but nato and ukraine. >> sean: so, 8500 troops being brought up to a higher state of readiness is meaningless, is that correct? >> well, we are not going to deploy our troops to your crane. there is never any indication that the biden administration wanted to do that. nor should we. what we need to do is increase the military of ukraine and we can take a page from the baltic states who are singing stinger missiles and javelin antitank weapons. that is a good thing to do. but we haven't of enough to portico fight ukraine and we knew they were at great risk. going back with the beginning of the biden administration. and we haven't done enough to support them. >> sean: to be the only person
6:32 pm
for this job is zero experience hunter because he has made millions from oligarchs of both ukraine and russia. maybe he would be the perfect person to bring peace between the two countries. i don't know. but there is nothing biden is going to do that is going to stop putin unless you go right to the heart of the russian economy and that is 50% of it in energy. we have the capacity, we have the means, we have the ability. we have the natural resources to do it. dan, thank you. appreciate you being with us. now the biden agenda is falling on every front apart at home and abroad. biden is never ending struggles or even catching the attention of star quarterback aaron rodgers who exposed biden as lies in a recent interview saying, "when the president of the united states says this is a pandemic of the end vaccinated it is because it is him and his constituents, which i don't know how there are any if you watch his attempts at public speaking, but i guess he got 81 million
6:33 pm
votes. here were the reaction, foundering cohosts of the show -- can by the way, the greatest football weekend in the history of football. let's be honest. some of the greatest games ever. and i like aaron rodgers and i like tom brady. i loved the battle last night. patrick and holmes and kansas city and buffalo. that was an amazing game. was focused on aaron rodgers. aaron rodgers came under heavy fire for suggesting he was vaccinated, wasn't fully vaccinated. he is a healthy athlete. why aren't more people willing to accept that the idea of freedom, medical privacy, doctor-patient confidentiality, and know that we know that whether you are vaccinated, boosted, and have natural immunities, still going to get it, why is he still saying it's
6:34 pm
a disease of the unvaccinated? >> he is wrong, joe biden is. and i actually think you are right, sean. it was an incredible weekend of nfl. every single game was decided on the final play, and i got to say, i know there's a lot of people watching out there and buffalo, crushing 13 seconds of defeat there at the end of regulation. but josh fallin is going to win you a super bowl. shawn, run that, save it, at some point, i'm telling you, josh allen is going to bring them to the promised land. >> sean: 13 seconds left. i couldn't believe it. it was a great game. >> here is where i think sports become so important. first of all, props to aaron rodgers for speaking out. sean, one of the lessons we can take from sports leagues, whether it is the nba, the nhl, or whether it is the nfl is they have this nearly 100% overall vaccination rate. and when you look at the
6:35 pm
numbers, i believe it is 100% in the nhl, 97% in the nba, and 95 plus percent in the nfl. the guys are still testing overwhelmingly positive, either with 100% or nearly 100% vaccination rates. it is actually a fascinating window into with a larger united states would look like. and the answer is, the pandemic doesn't go away even if everyone is vaccinated. so what -- he has the ability, because his contract is guaranteed, because he is one of the best quarterbacks ever play the game, to say exactly what he thinks, much like kai reroofing in the nba and also like the tennis player. these are three of the greatest athletes in the world all unvaccinated, all looking at the data and making rational choices for themselves based on consultation with medical professionals. they all had a comment to my
6:36 pm
knowledge, covid, and all but 100% fine just like me who has had a twice. i know i might look like the perfect specimen of health, but trust me, i ain't on those guys levels. >> sean: we will take you in our dojo. might be you up a little bit. >> i will bring the let's go brand insured. we will be ready to go. >> sean: i will wear it as well. and i will win. but you want to go for it, we will do it for charity. we will do it on camera. all right. thanks. good to see it. when we come back, the left pushes more draconian covid mandates. bellmawr calling out to left-wing lunacy. the view cohosts are angry at bill marr. we have the tape and real science from dr. oz. that is straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ ♪ your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: believe it or not, some sanity from far left hollywood tonight as hbo host bill marr exposing the left never-ending covert obsession. one-size-fits-all medicine. nonstop pandemic power grabs. take a look. >> it has gone on too long. nobody cares anymore. last night, the grip of delivery guy was eating my french fries right in front of me. i don't want to live in your paranoid world any more. it is silly now. you have to have a mask, you have to have a card, a booster, this grain your head. like you are a cashier and i am a of bananas. i am not bananas, you are. >> sean: marr didn't stop there, even the slimming flip-flop dr. fauci and saying "don't sit there and you're right coat and tell me just do what we say."
6:42 pm
here with the reaction is a candidate, dr. oz. how is the campaign going? >> it is going fabulously well. getting these packed town halls all over pennsylvania. in fact, that is where i want to jump off. this year with bellmawr because folks are anxious and a lot of front-line workers who see the hypocrisy, they see the duplicity. and what we have right now is a caste system. we have staff who have to wear masks and customers, they can do whatever they want. everyone at home think about this. he walked into the restaurant, you have to put a mask on. you sit down for the tell you you can take your mask off. really? where is the science there? this undermines our confidence in what fauci has been saying all along. the flip-flopping is not just a little bit of a problem and translation, it is undermining our ability to trust what we are hearing and you are being gaslight at home. people are telling you things like you'll have to wear masks river which is what they are thinking. it is complete and utter
6:43 pm
nonsense. >> sean: you told me about a month ago or so that regeneron and eli lilly, which had done ua phenomenal job with monoclonal antibodies, that they are not working as well on omicron as -- and it turned out to be true. now they are actually saying it. now these other companies that have done a phenomenal work, i am sure they are going to just the formula and probably adapt to new variant pluralist. if very few cases, in other words, you have a booster and national unity and you are still getting covid, -- why is fauci talking about fourth and fifth -- >> he has to defend what he has been saying and he is too arrogant to pull back from the precipice. everyone now sees what is happening. you point out the example which is the virus shifted, the
6:44 pm
monoclonal antibodies have to shift. we completely ignored the possibility of therapeutics. we talked about this the first week we knew about the pandemic and we got slammed for it but it turns out in retrospect it was probably the best path. no one knew it at the time but the arrogance of ignoring the possibility -- which is known a one-size-fits-all plan. try to prevent illness but have the strategy, a plan. fauci is making care of patients. he is a virologist. he works in test tubes. there is no approach to patient care, the administering of people who are ill. that is what is required. one thing i'm noticing in pennsylvania as you can front of folks and say washington got it wrong, covid is a good example, but the authoritarian overreach, the power grab you spoke of his continuing in other areas. people resonate with that. part of the reason they are coming out in droves is because they want to -- they know it is out there. someone with a bold place to go
6:45 pm
to washington and say enough. we have to stop thinking about how liberals evaluate the world. it's caring about fixing. >> sean: so you have had 4,000 heart operations. you have been 15 years on tv doing your show which is highly successful in what is a very difficult genre, daytime talk. and you are leaving all of that behind with the millions of dollars that go with the to run and get in a blood sport known as. why? that is a huge sacrifice for a lot of people to do. and i admire people that do, but i'm just curious. >> it is one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. it is very cathartic to leave everything behind. i told my team we are burning the boats. we are not going back. but the show go on. in other people's hands. cancel the magazine. we are going to be here for the
6:46 pm
citizens of the commonwealth of pennsylvania and when the mic we will be in the senate protecting them. >> sean: dr. oz, thank you. straight-ahead, where going to sit down with a man who is challenging "the new york times" in court and winning. you don't want to miss this next
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♪ ♪ >> sean: as a way of expose on this program night after night, the mob come in the media is an arm of the democratic -- pushing the same hysteria. living in what i call twitter blue check mark media cult of the heirs and echo chamber. ask yourself, where is real investigative journalist? i said in 2007, journalism is dead, mostly. but they went there for the russia hoax pulitzers they got. wherein are they giving those
6:51 pm
back to mark wears a commitment to true facts and transparency? there has been wondering was constantly under fire, james has been taking on the corrupt media establishment, exposing them in their own words. here is a small sample of project veritas' most explosive work. take a look. >> it's a big nothing burger. >> really? >> i've had this interview -- you would not put it on the air. i was told that is a stupid story. then they found out we had allegations about prince andrew and threaten us in a million different ways. it was unbelievable what we had. clinton. everything. >> this is a resident who knows he is losing, who knows he is in trouble. he is sick. maybe it is on the after effects of steroids or not.
6:52 pm
i don't know. but he is acting erratically and desperately and we need to not normalize that. >> sean: james o'keefe, founder and ceo of project veritas'. new book out. american mock breaker. it is on bookstores everywhere. no matter what you do, you come under fire. they have a whole series to catch a predator, undercover cameras. mike wallace made his career, 6e time. why is it different for you? >> times have changed. journalism is printing with others don't want printed. i think the media has changed in the days of mike wallace and six events in these days you have what i've said in this book,
6:53 pm
"american muckraker" all proceeds go to our nonprofit, by the way. i say it is economics. i say it is fear. "the new york times" for example actually in concert for big corporations and fbi who rated my apartment after a source transited me a document. you mentioned "new york times" defaming me and me suing them for defamation. it is up to us the people now. we the people have to do the job that newsrooms used to do. it is a complicated problem appeared a lot of people are hopeless, but i kind of have written a book about how to do journalism in the clown world. >> sean: is interesting because you had a high court ruling in new york in your favor on the issue of "the new york times." sarah palin's trial is supposed to start. responsible for the shooting were gabby was shot. sadly i understand she contracted covid and it has been
6:54 pm
delayed a week. we wish her well and hope she recovers quickly. but this is now -- which are public figures standard. you have to prove malice seems to be teetering on the brink here. where do you see it? >> well, "the new york times" case, the supreme court case, "the new york times" establish actual malice standard. they said we were deceptive, "the new york times" reported that our videos of september 2020 were deceptive. that is the guy who had ballots in their car. we sued that for defamation. the judge arguing, denying their motion to dismiss our lawsuit. he said it was "the new york times" who engaged in this and ration and deception. also a christmas eve ruling where they had to sequester our memos for "the new york times" published my private lawyer correspondence after the fbi raided my home and the judge
6:55 pm
ruling against "the new york times" twice. "the new york times" attacked the judge. so there is no recourse in this country to hold the media accountable. in many ways, "the new york times," and organizations like it, are more powerful than her own government because they work in concert with big tech which in turn works in concert with big pharmaceutical companies but how do you break through that? of wrote a book about how to break through. we are winning. we are winning in a lawsuit and also having whistle-blower is not good and "new york times" become the project veritas because there is nowhere for them to go. >> sean: project veritas. interesting to watch your case and sarah palin's case. great book. always appreciate when you share your videos with us. moran "hannity" right after this.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have left. as always, we thank you for
7:00 pm
being with us. you make the show possible. we never forget and we never say thank you enough. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." and in the meantime, even a little early because we love the neck show that is coming on, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, big show tonight. >> laura: hey, how are you. how was your weekend? >> sean: i never know what -- >> laura: did you do anything fun? >> sean: no. i watched football and slept. >> laura: okay. well, how about kansas city and the buffalo bills? the greatest football game. last couple minutes of football ever? i will come my daughter and said you're going to be seeing history and i dragged her out of bed. >> laura: foul >> sean: i like them all. this was a great weekend for football. >> laura: i kept thinking to myself how much fun it was to watch and then i kept thinking of doctors algie had his way, they would be playing in an empty stadium. they probably wouldn't be playing at all. and i